ALFA CampPro2 Kit - R36A, Tube-U(N), AOA-2409TF und Zubehör



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Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2 Hardware and Software Setup Guide

The first part of this video shows how to hook up and connect all items in the Alfa Wi-Fi Camp Pro 2. Part 2 (begins at 03:55) shows how to do the software setup ...

Alfa Network Wifi Camp Pro 2 Extender Review

RV and Marine Wifi almost is always horrible. No connection, drop connections, and I paid for the wifi and don't want to use my mobile hotspot. The Alfa ...

Alfa WiFi Extending Gear Unboxing - WiFi Camp Pro, Desktop & R36

In this video we unbox the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro kit, that includes a Alfa R36 router and an external Tube-U WiFi 9dbi WiFi antenna - provided to us by the folks at ...

Unboxing Alfa WiFi Camp Pro long range WiFi repeater kit R36/Tube

Una de las tarjetas inalambricas para auditoria WiFi con más alcance que he podido ver de forma comercial, aqui les dejo el unboxing por si se animan a ...

Camp Pro antenna install final

My attempt at installing a Camp pro outside WiFi antenna and inside router, using a design of my own.

WiFi Camp Pro - Review ! Three Antenna Choices - Results

A review of the WiFi Camp Pro kit. This video includes three different antennas solutions and a review of the suction cup mount that is so popular, and for good ...

What is in the WiFi Camp Pro 2 WiFi Boosting Kit?

Eric from TechnoRV opens the new Camp Pro 2 WiFi Boosting Kit box and shows you what you get when you buy the kit from Don't forget that ...

Alfa Wifi Booster + Wifi Repeater Review Mac Compatible

Improve wifi connection with a wifi booster or wifi extender. The Alfa Wifi Booster and Wifi Repeater is compatible with Mac. Access more wifi networks and ...

How to Setup Alfa R36 Range Extender / Access Point

R36 Review: NOTE - it's very poorly made quality, it broke after couple of days of use. Recently i wanted to actually use it, but it just ...

Alfa Wifi Booster System for RVing - System Setup

System setup for an RV WiFi booster using an USB Alfa R36 router, Tube-U(N) booster and 8 dBi antenna all purchased from in early 2017.

Alfa Network WIFI-CAMP PRO 2 Unboxing

We #unbox Alfa Network's WIFI-CAMP PRO 2 And take a look in the box to see what's included! Wireless N 300 mbps Long Range Extender Vehicle Power ...

alfa network wifi setup i use

i talk about my wifi setup that i am using.

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