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Cool Vintage Retro Style Paintball Spieler Fun Sport T-Shirt



1992 Russ Maynard explains old school Paintball Guns

Paintball legend Russel Maynard explains some of the differences in the paintball guns in the early 90s, as well as face/head protection. Cool old school stuff!

New Retro Series "Hornet" paintball gun from Inception Designs!

The "Hornet" is part of the new Inception Designs Retro series which is taking classic Paintball guns, milling them with classic old school styles and updating ...

LGR - Extreme Wintersports - PC Game Review

Ugh. Another game by Head Games, and this time it somehow performs even worse than the others I've reviewed. "Too bad, dude. YOU LOSER." ○ Consider ...

Vintage Event 3 POV

Footage from today's event at Vintage Paintball Park Air Assault Factory ended up winning the event and series winning 5 brand new Empire Vanquish markers ...

1994 'SC Village' Legendary Paintball Field, Vintage old school footage!

Old footage from 1994 on the Beruit field at SC Village (Sat Cong Village). A good look on the way paintball was 20 years ago!

Vintage Brass Eagle Ninja Nightmare SB comp paintball game play CP 2014

having some fun with my oldest paintball marker out at CP paintball park in Oceanside Ca. Marker: 1986-89 Brass Eagle Ninja Nightmare Short Barrel Comp.

'99 Spec Evolution AC - Rebuilt by Paintball Tek

Rebuild of a '99 Spec Evo done by Paintball Tek. All new seals and LP Hose/Macro. It has a PPS LPR, STO Style Ram, and an old style Belsales 4-way.

Mechanical Marker Vendors at the Iron City Classic | Urban Assault Paintball Pittsburgh PA

Tony visits a few of the vendors at the 2018 Iron City Classic. We focused on the people and companies showcasing mechanical markers and accessories.

From the Paintball Vault, Ep 4 - Old School Loaders & Hoppers

Joe from Behind the Bunker takes us into his paintball vault. From The Vault is a look back at the beginnings of paintball from the earliest guns to gear to ...

Limited Edition Supercocker Paintball Gun | Classic Gear Autococker | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Mark and Don brought in their classic 1998 Limited Edition Supercocker to be timed and tuned for play at our outdoor fields before the end of season. Look at ...

Darwin FPS 70 - Retro Highlights 2011

My old FPS videos are...not great. So here are the highlights from my 2011 footage. Sorry for the terrible quality. This was all shot way before I had a GoPro or ...

1999 JT's 'GAME ON', Introduction to paintball. Part 1

Part 1: Made in 1999, this high quality introductory video was put out by 'JT USA' when JT was owned by John and Rita Gregory (who actually cared about the ...

Empire Resurrection Autococker vs Classic Autococker | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

We are taking a look at the Empire Resurrection Autococker, and comparing it to a classic P&P Paintball Cold Fusion Autococker. Which do you prefer?

Athena at Slims Stock Class Game May 20 2018

A couple of clips from Athena's camera at Slim's Stock Class game on May 20, 2018, at Albany Paintball Experience in Nassau NY.

Eaton Ripper Autococker in Gloss Black c.2004

In this video we take a look at a convertible Ripper Autococker in Gloss Black. This is the second or third style milling of the Ripper Autococker that was available ...

Scoring a SCREAMER at The Fortress

Download Soccer Manager Arena now: Thanks to SM Arena for sponsoring this video #AD MERCH: ...

LGR - Extreme Boards & Blades - PC Game Review

The worst game ever made? I say this genuinely has a shot at claiming that title. This is one horrid mess of a "skating simulation"... ○ Please consider supporting ...

The honor of fixing a deceased player’s paintball gun

If you ever saw my NPPL Chicago video, with the USF paintball team, the teammate I accidentally shot in the back in the snake was my good friend and ...

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