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T-Shirt # Like a Bosch #LikeABOSCH



IoT Revolution in Israel - Internet of Things

By 2030 there will be over 125 billion IoT devices around us - that's innovative technology that connects everything around us to the internet. And when you say ...

Karl, the Bosch Engineer

VN Bosch Invented for Life

Offene Werkstatt – »Das Internet der Dinge – die nächste digitale Revolution?«

Das Internet der Dinge wird Arbeits- und Lebenswelten verändern. In der Produktion beschaffen sich smarte Maschinen die erforderliche Wartung selbst, ...

Commercial Ads 2019 - Ikea - The Morningmorphosis: Big Breakfast

The Watch -- world's first 'Internet of Things' short film

Made for #ACutBeyond short film contest 2017. Starring: Pushpendra Sodhi, Shivi Premjani, Somya Yadav and Anandrao Jadhav. Music: Kevin MacLeod ...

MTN HipHop Awards TVC

The #MTNUGHipHopAwards are back and they are better. Join us to celebrate the hip hop culture on 8th February at the MTN Tidal warehouse and let's party ...

Die Bahn im Internet der Dinge | DBBFaktderWoche #12

FOLGE 12: Deutsche Bahn im "Internet of Things" Zukunftsvisionen der Deutschen Bahn sind ja nichts neues. Doch diesmal haben mich zwei Videos sehr ...

Like a Bosh meaning and pronunciation

1. Spend the last days of the season on the bench with a bruised nose.2. Abandon a city after 7 years for more TV exposure.3. Create enormous hype for your ...

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