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Official Calpurnia Vinyl Band Logo T shirt



i filmed myself freaking out over calpurnia merch

I recently recieved my calpurnia merch bundle and i can't express how happy i am with everything! especially the signed posted, i'm not done screaming over ...


Unboxing the new Calpurnia vinyl titled Scout! sorry to the people i offended when i held my vinyl wrong for five seconds on two separate occasions if you see ...

a calpurnia shirt fan animation

yo guys wasup so i made this fan animation :3 i dont know if im allowed to put the link 4 the shirts here :0 so ill be happy if you'll help me share this with all of the ...

Calpurnia Merch Unboxing and Reacting to Their New EP!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this weeks video and that it made you laugh! Also, if you guys could comment video ideas, that would be great because I don't want ...

My Reaction To Calpurnia's New Single!

I hope you guys liked this video and it made you laugh♥Also, if you guys could comment video ideas that would be great because I don't want to post videos that ...

Is Calpurnia Really As Good As The Media Says?

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finn(in calpurnia)/superstar

Calpurnia | Adult Swim

The Beaches get nostalgic with The Killers | The LP Spree

From The Killers to Kendrick Lamar, The Beaches' musical taste is pretty DAMN. vast. (Get it?) Here's what they picked out when we gave them $100 and free ...

Random Calpurnia video 🤷‍♀️

Let’s Go Record Shopping! (FYE & Half Price Books)

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Finn and Jack are talking about Calpurnia

This is a live stream on instagram from @indie88toronto !!!

Calpurnia - Scout EP | ALBUM REVIEW #53

Finn Wolfhard of popular Netflix show Stranger Things and his band bring some pretty lackluster cuts with only a couple shining moments. 4/10 Favorite tracks: ...

Darkness Records Ukulele Cover by I Kill Cameron

Shout out to Josiah for cleaning the room and taking out the recycling in a true Jeff Rosenstock fashion!

Weezer - Africa (starring Weird Al Yankovic)

The blessings don't stop ☔ New Africa video starring Weird Al. Stream + download the song: Upcoming tour dates ...

Lil Yachty Is A Hall & Oates Fan? | The LP Spree

From Smashing Pumpkins to Hall & Oates, we took Lil Yachty shopping for vinyl and he shocked us with his picks. Watch and see if you would've guessed what ...

PUP - Kids (Audio)

Pre-order “Morbid Stuff” out on April 5th: Just like the kids, I've been navigating my way through the mind numbing reality ...

Parent reacts to City Boy by Calpurnia (headphone warning)

I regret nothing Also this is not mine creds go to creator! Follow me: Instagram(s): @georgies.demodog @it.tumblr.posts @ems.feels Twitter: @itslimey.

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