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THE LOTUS Jeju Botanical Sun Cream 50ml SPF50+PA++++ / K-Beauty

A tri-functional product: UV Blocking (SPF50+ PA++++) + Brightening + Wrinkles Improvement. It helps block the UVA & UVB rays effectively without white cast and clotting. Its moist and soft texture allows all day protection without sticky feeling. It contains Jeju Botanical Complex Extract to nourish and protect skin from external aggressors.
How to Use Apply a proper amount on the face evenly. Fresh and Moist Sunblock for all seasons! The sunblock without whitening gleaming, and clotting blocks UVA and UVB rays effectively from the skin. The moist and soft feel without stickiness will protect your skin all day long, leaving the pleasant feel on your skin. The sunblock containing Jeju Botanical Complex Extract containing Jeju lotus leaf extract blocks stress from external environments, nurturing the skin to its clear and healthy state. Jeju Island, or the “Hawaii of Korea,” is known for its lush, unpolluted ecosystem and mineral-rich volcanic soil—which is why its native ingredients are so sought- after in Korean beauty. One of the most treasured Jeju-based brands is The Lotus, whose main ingredient is pure, natural white lotus leaf extract harvested from a pond at a legendary Buddhist temple. These leaves have powerful antioxidant and flavonoid properties, which help maximize skin’s natural healing ability for incredible anti-aging, detoxifying and energizing effects.
Preis: EUR 39,19
THE LOTUS Jeju Botanical Sun Cream 50ml SPF50+PA++++ / K-Beauty bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel
THE LOTUS Jeju Botanical Sun Cream 50ml SPF50+PA++++ / K-Beauty: Beauty
THE LOTUS Jeju Botanical Sun Cream 50ml SPF50+PA++++ / K-Beauty,THE LOTUS
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